One of my favorite, most rewarding aspects of my career in Photography is editing and curating. I'm always honored to receive an opportunity to curate an exhibition, and especially the theme here, Take Flight, a subject that intrigues me in my own exploration of photography as well. The idea of Flight has been a curiosity of Humans since our existence and an investigation still going on today through our innovations into Space. Of course when I think of Flight I not only think literally, but of the many metaphorical and philosophical interpretations including freedom and independence, as well fear and a sense of uncomfortableness.

There were many great submissions to this exhibition and narrowing the final Gallery exhibition down to 25 images was quite tough. As is always the case when curating an exhibition, the images on the walls need to work off one another in a cohesive, narrative way. So there were many times I found myself pulling images out of the exhibition, despite their creators' sure talent and abilities. The images in the Gallery exhibition, in my opinion not only work well on their own individually, but they create a story of Flight. In addition, I found the quality of these images to be worthy of inclusion on the Kiernan's Gallery's walls. Kudos the all the photographers and thank you for your submissions!

View the exhibition HERE:

Take Flight, March 2 - 29, 2014 
Opening Reception: March 7, 2014

Kiernan Gallery
23B West Washington St. Lexington, VA 24450